PYFFAU 0.2.2 is released. Amongst others the debug capabilites were extended.
Please view the changelog for details.

As a further communication interface a OPC UA Server was added to the control framework.
So a next step towards integration of the DRB_OIPC-Serie in Industry 4.0-networks was concluded.

DRB_OIPC - the new way to control machines

The DRB_OIPC-series of industrial PCs is ready-to-use in the field of
general machine control / manipulation / mobility.

  • The basic device has already many interfaces like opto-isolated digital io,
    analog inputs, serial interface and CAN.
  • No time-consuming configuration is necessary, all hardware components
    are immediately accessible.
  • Programming is done in the easy to learn and worldwide popular
    programming language Python.
  • Price performance is outstanding.

Please visit Ressourcen for details.


Application examples

Control device for camera robotics in professional studio environment

On behalf of a worldwide oprating broadcast company all requirements to control camera
robotics could be fulfilled using DRB_OIPC_888_CAN: 8 precise analog inputs for two Joysticks
and 2 potentiometers as well as 22 illuminated keys feature optimal handling for the robot operator.
Control commands and status information are sent via TCP/IP to the robots. The biggest challenge
lies in robustness: extreme availability during 24/7/365 operation could be achieved by
various measures including write protection of the operating system.


Coating machine having 5 coordinated motion axis

For wear protection of metal surfaces a tool has to be moved along cartesian paths over the
workpiece. Despite extensive funtionality programming is easy due to a user interface designed
according to the customer needs and programming in the easy to learn language Python.
All machines installed stand out by extreme availability.

Saeed Isfahani, CEO:"
The wear protection process of ISOTEC
requires very high precision and synchronization in motion of
up to 5 machine axis. The manipulator framework of DRB fulfills all
our requirements.  It runs extremly stable with no downtime for
7 years now. Furthermore the coating process can be programmed
by common factory worker because the user interface
was adapted to our needs exactly."


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